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Anne – the original #roommatefromhell – my evil list

If you follow me on Facebook, you have probably read about my #roommatefromhell stories. Her Name is Anne (it’s not but let’s call her that) and a hell of a lot of things went wrong between me and her.

Anne thinks I am the absolute worst roommate or possibly worst person in the world, and to kick this blog party of, I am giving you a list of things she bitched to me about (mostly via post-it’s since she was always super nice to my face). Over the next days/weeks I will post some of the background stories here. Until then, here comes the evil list: (I swear all of this is stuff she actually said – I got some audio recordings to, but let’s save that for later).

  • having 5 (5!!!) people over i a period of 2 months. Reason of evil: Extra people mean extra costs, eg. if they use the shower or flush the toilet (!!!)
  • Using her salt and pepper. Reason of evil: Anne does not share salt! I put a lot of spices into the shelf and assumed we would just share them. Then I realized a few weeks later she was carrying her own salt and pepper in and out of the kitchen whenever she made food.
  • Coming home at 2 AM in the morning. Reason of evil: Her room was right next to my room, so it is possible that she would hear me. Absolute no go!
  • Watching TV with a friend on a Saturday night. Reason of evil: We should be sitting in my room (because obviously the living room is only there to dry clothes), especially since my friend was having a little cold and was spreading her virus all over the living room. -How dare she cough.
  • Having weird friends. She only met 2 people (Maddie and Vera thank you very much for being so rude and obnoxious ;)) but wouldn’t let me have my birthday party at home. Reason for evil: She was afraid they might steal stuff (there is realls NOTHING to steal in that apartment). She actually started locking her door when she left the apartment.
  • Taking the overcrowding pile of empty bottles to the supermarket and buying toilet paper and kitchen towels with the money: Reason of evil: Some of it is her money and how dare I use that money to buy toilet paper.
  • (As an add-on to the bottle story:) Buying the wrong toilet paper.
  • Using „her“ couch in the living room. Reason for evil: It’s her dirty old couch so how dare someone sit on it. My friend Vera once went to chill in the living room, while I was still sleeping. I am awoken by a text message from Anne telling me the living room is not a guest room!
  • Having people stay over night and sleeping in my room without letting her know first. Reason of evil: No reason, simply intolerable.

These are pretty much the highlights. I will share some of the details with you soon! Keep checking in!