Anne and the passive agressive post-its

I was playing the game Cards against Humanity the other day. Buy it, play it, its wonderful. I got this card:


It reminded me of a little story on my ex-roommate’s favourite means of communication. But first of all let me tell you a bit about the background: I moved into a shared apartment for two months this spring. With two girls. I made the mistake of previously only talking to the guy who i was subletting from. He was super cool. Chilled, smokes lots of weed, told me I could use and do whatever. Seemed like I would have a great time there. Oh boy, was I wrong.

Introducing my roommates:

  • Jenny: 19, graphic design student. Cool girl, no complaints or drama potential from my side.
  • Anne: 26, studied nutrition science, now doing an apprenticeship in natural health (Heilpraktiker), vegan, basically living of green smoothies. I think you always have to be suspicious of people like that 😉

My experience from previous flats is this: You buy your own food, but share some basics, such as spices, oil, toilet paper etc. If you finish something that you share, you simply buy it. Whoever finally takes the big pile of empty bottles to the supermarket, buys something for the apartment or keeps the money – usually no one really cares as long as the bottles are gone. It’s ok to have people over on a Saturday night to watch TV, if you wanna have more people over / be noisy, you ask your roommates in advance. Whoever sleeps in your room is your business. If you make a mess, you clean it up. If something bothers you, you go up and talk to the person.

So I went and lived exactly like that. We all seemed to get along just fine for the first five weeks. Honestly, Anne was super nice. I could have never imagined that she secretly despised me. However, one day I realize that she is carrying her salt, pepper and oil in and out of her room whenever she needs it in the kitchen. Weird, I thought, but didn’t really care.Then I come home to find this on the kitchen table:

postit_vinegear(Marina, please buy new one) Passive aggressive, anyone?! And I am pretty sure, I did not finish that vinegar. But being the good roommate that I am, I follow the official house rules and get a new bottle. Apparently she lacks massive communication skills. It is only 4 more weeks till I move out and I can’t be bothered to get into a fight about this so I simply forget about the post-it. A week or so later I walk into the kitchen and see her post-it block lying on the table and instantly I start searching for my next clue. She didn’t disappoint. I found this by the sink: postit_sink

(Put kitchen boards on the sink to dry, not on the wood)

Little sidenote: that was my birthday. She knew. Didn’t stop her from being a pain. It literally made my day. Mostly since I think 2 spelling mistakes in 11 words is a pretty solid achievement. When I finally moved out on April 26th I left her a present: A brand new post-it block with 5 different colours. She probably loved it! The communication fails did not stop at post-its, therefore next time I will tell you about the very funny texts I received. Stay tuned.

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